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What is Impacted 20 Year Tooth Extraction?

The third set of molars, which start emerging from age eighteen and are located behind the lower and upper jaws, are called wisdom teeth. There are four in total, one in each half jaw. Due to the change in people’s eating habits for thousands of years, the mouth and jaw structure has shrunk and is incompatible with our jaw structure with wisdom teeth. In many people, wisdom teeth remain buried because they cannot find a place to grow in the mouth. Embedded wisdom tooth extraction is the procedure of extraction of these teeth by surgical methods and eliminating related problems


Impacted wisdom teeth, nerves, and surrounding tissues are numbed locally.
Necessary abrasion procedures are performed on the jawbone.
If the position of the impacted wisdom tooth and the structure of its roots prevent the tooth from being pulled out in one piece, the tooth is divided into appropriate parts.
The tooth is extracted as one or more pieces.
Abscessed areas, if any, are cleaned in the surrounding tissues.
Blood plasma obtained from one’s blood is placed in the extraction cavity.
The procedure is terminated by suturing.
Appropriate 5-day antibiotic treatment is applied to prevent infection.

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